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….in the middle of the road, that the bourgeois seeks to walk. He will never surrender himself either to lust or to asceticism. He will never be a martyr or agree to his own destruction. On the contrary, his ideal is not to give up but to maintain his own identity. He strives neither for the saintly nor its opposite. The absolute is his abhorrence. He may be ready to serve God, but not by giving up the fleshpots. He is ready to be virtuous, but likes to be easy and comfortable in this world as well. In short, his aim is to make a home for himself between two extremes in a temperate zone without violent storms and tempests; and in this he succeeds though it be at the cost of that intensity of life and feeling which an extreme life affords. A man cannot live intensely except at the cost of the self. Now the bourgeois treasures nothing more highly than the self (rudimentary as his may be). And so at the cost of intensity he achieves his own preservation and security. His harvest is a quiet mind which he prefers to being possessed by God, as he does comfort to pleasure, convenience to liberty, and a pleasant temperature to that deathly inner consuming fire. The bourgeois is consequently by nature a creature of weak impulses, anxious, fearful of giving himself away and easy to rule.

….pause to test the soul of the Steppenwolf, we find him distinct from the bourgeois in the higher development of his individuality–for all extreme individuation turns against itself, intent upon its own destruction. We see that he had in him strong impulses both to be a saint and a profligate; and yet he could not, owing to some weakness or inertia, make the plunge into the untrammelled realms of space. The parent constellation of the bourgeoisie binds him with its spell. This is his place in the universe and this his bondage. Most intellectuals and most artists belong to the same type. Only the strongest of them force their way through the atmosphere of the bourgeois earth and attain to the cosmic. The others all resign themselves or make compromises. Despising the bourgeoisie, and yet belonging to it, they add to its strength and glory; for in the last resort they have to share their beliefs in order to live. The lives of these infinitely numerous persons make no claim to the tragic; but they live under an evil star in a quite considerable affliction; and in this hell their talents ripen and bear fruit. The few who break free seek their reward in the unconditioned and go down in splendor. They wear the thorn crown and their number is small. The others, however, who remain in the fold and from whose talents the bourgeoisie reaps much gain, have a third kingdom left open to them, an imaginary and yet a sovereign world, humor….

small excerpt from steppenwolf – Herman Hesse

History Of The Universe in 200 Words

Quantum Fluctuation. Inflation. Expansion. Particle-Antiparticle Annihilation. Deuterium and Helium Production. Matter Domination. Recombination. Blackbody Radiation. Local Contraction. Large-Scale Structure Formation. Violent Relaxation. Virialization. Galaxy Formation. Turbulent Fragmentation. Contraction. Ionization. Massive Star Formation. Deuterium Ignition. Hydrogen Fusion. Hydrogen Depletion. Core Contraction. Envelope Expansion. Helium Fusion. Carbon, Oxygen, and Silicon Fusion. Iron Production. Implosion. Supernova Explosion. Metals Injection. Star Formation. Universal Acceleration. Supernova Explosions. Star Formation. Planetesimal Accretion. Planetary Differentiation. Crust Solidification. Volatile Gas Expulsion. Water Condensation. Carbon Dioxide Solution. Water Photodissociation. Escaping Hydrogen. Ozone Production. Ultraviolet Absorption. Polymerization. Coacervate Formation. Molecular Reproduction. Protein Construction. Fermentation. Photosynthetic Unicellular Organisms! Oxidation. Mutation. Evolution. Cell Differentiation. Respiration. Sexual Reproduction. Multicellular Organisms. Evolutionary Diversification. Fossilization. Trilobite Domination. Land Exploration. Comet Collision. Dinosaur Extinction. Mammal Expansion. Homo Sapiens Manifestation. Language Acquisition. Glaciation. Innovation. Religion. Animal Domestication. Fermentation. Food Surplus Production. Inscription. Civilization! Exploration. Warring Nations. Empire Creation and Destruction. Expansion. Scientific Explanation. Colonization. Revolution. Constitution. Mary Jane. Vaccination. Industrialization. Emancipation. Invention. Mass Production. Urbanization. Migration. World Conflagration. Suffrage Extension. Penicillin. Depression. World Conflagration. Fission Explosions. Computerization. United Nations. Space Exploration. Population Explosion. Environmental Degradation.  Superpower Confrontation. Liberation. Terrorism. Lunar Excursions. Resignation. Inflation. Internet Expansion. Globalization. Reunification. Dissolution. Union. World Wide Web Creation. Stock Market inflation. Elementary Education. Composition. War. Invasion. Work. Friendship. Labour. Athletics. Toil. Academics. Homework. Finals. Graduation. IT Invasion. Terrorism. US Invasion. Extrapolation?

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//Basic from Eric Schulman @ improbable research

The Green Fairy That Drives me

My years ran wild and keen
lurking in drab doorways and shady tails
where languorous with lust and venal luck lives
The Green fairy that drives me

Wondering with wanton abandon and a sensual strut
under indigo skies tinged with a gossamer harvest
With sweet dulcet tones of pyrrhic victory she burns
The Green fairy that drives me

The bile comes with the anvil
The walls of charred paper and callous
It saved me and will kill me slow
The Green fairy that adores me

I dream of the irascible ire of that earthy cadence
Of mongrel caresses and hellion desires
despite parched darkness of those searing lamps
beneath the Green mush and swamps

Fleeing the woman from vestigial isolation
A curtain of red, perhaps sunshine in offing
Tardy vicarious extract of an eternal dawn
The Green fairy was evermore stillborn.

What I knew then …

Remember when you were a kid and used to imagine all sorts of scenarios about people around you. I mean I used to know what people were saying about me since way back. What I imagined the people around me were saying when I was –

Conversation at Dinner with Mom and Dad’s friends
Loud Friend – “I’m Loud”
Drunk Friend – “I’m really really drunk.”
Dad – “I’m pissed off at POLITICS ! “
Grandfather – “do u know how much money I have ??”
ALL – nodding yes
Father – “Dont give it to kids ! “
GF – “You think ! I’m an old fool”
ALL – “yes” , nodding
Hot Friend – “I had sex. I dont need food”
Mom – “i had sex too but i’m eating”
Loud Friend – “I’m still the loudest”
ALL – laugh
Hot Friend – “Oh I get it.” Laughs

Thirteen while playing cricket
“Oh man, I cant believe that kid Nipun missed that simple catch. How pathetic ! “
“Wait. He’s staring at his hands with a confused expression and rubbing his temple.
Probably something wrong with him. He’s hurt or something. That’s why he messed up.”
“Yeah, that’s probably what happened.”

“Did that kid sitting behind us on the bus just give us a leer ?”
“I don’t know. For a while, I thought that was the case, but now that he’s so engrossed in his
book, its impossible to tell.”
“I guess we’ll never know what the situation was.”

“Why does that kid have a black ‘X’ on the back of his right hand?”
“I bet it’s because he went to some kind of cool rock concert last night.”
“Wow. He must’ve stayed out pretty late if he didn’t have time to scrub it off.”
“Yeah, and that’s probably why his hair is so messy and dirty—because he cares more about rocking out than conforming to society.”
“Even though he isn’t popular in the traditional sense, I respect him from afar.”

“Hey, that kid is reading Che Guevara”
“Wow. He must be some kind of rebel genious”
“I’m impressed by the fact that he isn’t trying to call attention to himself.”
“Yeah, he’s just sitting silently in the corner, flipping the pages and nodding, with total comprehension.”
“It’s amazing. He’s so absorbed in his book that he isn’t even aware that a party is going on around him, with dancing and fun.”
“Why aren’t any girls going over and talking to him?”
“I guess they’re probably a little intimidated by his brilliance.”
“Well, who wouldn’t be?”
“I’m sure the girls will talk to him soon.”
“It’s only a matter of time.”

“That kid is so lame”
“He’s come to the farewell all alone without a date”
“Oh, but he’s that same kid who sits in library all day long and wrote that
scathing poem about the school.”
“Ah, I bet he thinks all girls are phonies.”
“But we are ..are’nt we ?”
“Oh yes. But I’d like to go out with him for sure”
“But he wont ask, you know”
“I know, but then I’d have to refuse him if he asks only because then he’ll be like all the others”
“yeah, wish there was some way I could go out with him”
“yeah, me too”

Palindrome ?

Do good? I? No! Evil anon I deliver. I maim nine more hero-men in Saginaw, sanitary sword a-tuck, Carol, I — lo! — rack, cut a drowsy rat in Aswan. I gas nine more hero-men in Miami. Reviled, I (Nona) live on. I do, O God!

Who Said ?

Commies, Hippes, Liberals, WMDs, Iraq, Mushroom Clouds, 911, 911, 911, 911, 911, Iraq, Nukes, Russia, Muslims, Death, Destruction, Pot smokers, Iran, Iran, Iran, Britney spears, Shahrukh’s 6 pack, 911, 911, World war III, Emergency, Elections, Emergency, Elections, Google, Google, 123, copyright, DRM, open, open, open, Iran, Iran, Iran ….

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